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korHealth is a Chinese herbal formula designed to relieve stress and improve sleep. The ingredients include Goji which helps to correct the imbalance caused by everyday tension or internal disorders. This formula may be used on a regular basis as part of a preventative health program.

Cold_Immune Formula

Cold & Flu are two of the most common health concerns affecting millions of individuals each year. Proper preventative measures are important in order to effectively deal with these concerns. Our Cold_Immune Formula is blended to prevent and treat the early signs of cold & flu and to increase the body’s immunity by enhancing the lung meridien. This mixture of 15 herbs includes Radix Saposhnikoviae and Radix Astragali which are successfully proven to have a preventative effect for cold and flu conditions. Recommended to be taken with korHEALTH for better effect.


PainAWAY is prepared according to the renowned prescription of an ancient formula used hundreds of years ago. The ingredients possess a prominent therapeutic value in dealing with pain relief and reducing inflammatory conditions associated with musculoskeletal, soft tissues, and arthritic conditions. This formula may be used to help relieve headaches, inflammation, muscle aches/ pains, and promote blood circulation.


sinuHEALTH has potent detoxifying, pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects on rhinology symptoms caused by polluted air, pollen, food allergies and sinusitis. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sinus problems are commonly a result of blockages and disruptions of the lung and stomach meridiens where by toxins are retained in the body. Therefore this formulated herb blend is designed to specifically work on detoxifying the body and to regulate the lung and stomach pathways. While taking sinuHEALTH, it is advised that cold beans, fish and spicy foods should be avoided.


cardioHEALTH is designed to focus on preventative care for heart and stroke conditions. Hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, arteriosclerosis, amongst other cardiac disorders, are all conditions that commonly affect the general population with heart disease still being listed as the overall top killer of North Americans. Recent research indicates that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is effective in controlling blood pressure and maintaining cholesterol and sugar levels. This formula blends the current data of clinical research along with ancient practice merit to deal with maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.


From the Western Medicine perspective, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been used for decades to treat menopausal symptoms. However with HRT, many side effects are associated with its usage which may be harmful to our bodies. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), menopause has long been treated with the use of natural herbal medicine. The approach from TCM is to not only treat the symptoms, but also the "root" of the concern, by specifically re-aligning the internal balance of the body. This formula consists of herbs from classic patent formulas including Angelica which not only improves circulation but also nourishes the internal organs to deal with menopausal challenges. Angelica is well-known for being an "herb for women.”